A Very Croft Christmas


Shared family chaos, noise, gift wrap flying, kids high on sugar, multiple conversations happening while “santa” shouts out names and delivers gifts. Christmas was crazy mental and I didn’t get to really take it all in or take pictures but it was exactly the day I’d hoped it would be and I’m patting myself on the back because I totally adulted the shit out of Xmas!

Last year we visited my in laws in country NSW. I love thier place and the escape it brings but at 8 months pregnant in Australian summer temperatures and having just found out I had gestational diabetes and basically couldnt eat anything, it wasnt my dream Xmas unfortunately. We drove home with me saying I wasnt travelling ANYWHERE next Christmas, not a few suburbs away, not five hours away. I wanted Christmas in my own new home with my own family christmas experience and thats what I got.

Initially I was met with looks ranging from utter horror to mild dismay and amusement, and comments along the lines of ” your house isnt exactly organised” to ” but Nikki we like a nice Christmas with a nice Christmas table” from some family members. They came around to the idea eventually however and all pitched it with food and cleaning and decorating. We shared Christmas morning with my sister in laws family and it was everything I had pictured and more. The girls in matching pyjamas, waking up to bikes and presents and then a full day of family madness with grandparents.

I delivered (I believe) on the “nice Christmas table”, dressed with placemats and crackers, christmas bush foraged from across the road and a handmade “chandelier” with pine branches from our property. We had a great marquee that my mum had insisted on buying from Aldi (even going so far as to make my poor father line up in the queue with her), which despite all our initial grumbles, protests and eye rolling actually came quite in handy and will be used again soon!

I tried as always, to put  a handmade touch to my gifting and decorating. I had watercolour paintings, wild foraged blackberry cordial, and succulent planters. I reused bunting I had made for our wedding and strung it in my favourite tree outside with beads, lights and old christmas decorations collected during my days as a Visual Merchandiser. Inside we had our first real tree (which my mum said in a surprised tone looked quite grown up), handmade wreaths, vases of foraged local flowers and the farmhouse has never looked (and never will again) cleaner! It was a very Crofty Christmas and I cant wait to do it all again, although I think now I’ve had my turn the assumption is its someone elses turn next year…………….so the negotiations of who’s travelling and who isnt will begin again. Hope you all had a great Xmas and Happy 2017!


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