Enchanted Garden


We celebrated New Years Eve with a very special event in the city this year.

My first daughter Mini was born with hearing loss and we attend an Early Intervention centre  (the Shepherd Centre) weekly for speech therapy and education. Through them we were offered tickets to the Lord Mayors Picnic, an event put on by the City of Sydney for special needs children and thier families. Set in the lush Sydney Botanic Gardens, this years theme was Enchanted Garden and we had so much fun playing dress ups together! It was an incredible evening and so much work had gone into keeping the kids happy and entertained with a live show, music, huge tents with activities, games, stories and face painting. At 9 pm we were all led down to an incredible viewing spot for the family fireworks, right next to the Opera House!

Poor Mini was a little overwhelmed, with her hearing loss she often finds noisy outdoor events very hard to concentrate in and its difficult for her to focus on individual sounds amongst the cacophany of noise that surrounds her, I think she had the most fun travelling in to the city on the train, listening to the loudspeaker annouce each station name and repeating it to me with great pride!The face painting was incredible and well worth the long queue and I cant say enough about the enthusiasm of the Rovers and Kings Cross Bikies who were the official helpers for the night!

We are feeling pretty lucky to have been included in such an incredible group of families and grateful to be on the outer edge of the special needs spectrum. My heart went out to some of the families there, they are true super heroes and probably consider themselves very privileged to care for some pretty amazing kids. Like the young boy we sat next to for the fireworks…….he was wheelchair bound with cerebral palsy but his face lit up at the fireworks and he delighted in Tinys undivided attention before the show……the father’s joy at his sons excitement still has me on the verge of tears. Thank you @cityofsydney & @clovermoore. My enchanted garden fairy had the best time!!


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