Autumn in the Farmhouse

Autumn has come and gone here in the hills. The fire is on most night and some cool days too and cold weather ilness has hit the whole family already, but life continues and the veggie patch is slowly coming along.

Pumpkin vines just wouldnt give up and I only recently pulled out the last of the vines. The wombok cabbages are coming along nicely, as are the broadbeans and celery. I have kale, cabbage, cress, rocket and broccoli babies, a few lettuces and random peas and a tonne of self seeded parsley. Im also very excited about the everlasting daisies I’ve grown from seed which are looking very strong and cant wait to try my hand at some more cut flowers! Theres much more to do, old beds to be cleared, fertilised, weeds and trees to be hacked at and much more im planning to add……..carrots, leeks, onion, more winter herbs and leafy greens.

At Easter we added 2 more girls to our flock, South American Aracuana chickens. A beautiful white girl named Treasure who was already laying her stunning blue coloured eggs and a lavender grey girl we named Stormy Chicken whose still a baby and only just started laying. The eggs are amazing, small in size but the richest orange coloured yolk the same size as the Isa’s and less whites.


The girls and I have set up a Roadside stall out the front also. Mini painted it (Tiny just eats the paint)  a technicolour dream which the rain promptly washed off and Iveput up a sign to go behind. So far I’ve been filling with succulent planters and bunches of flowers and the occasional carton of eggs. I had great success initially with the eggs and planters selling quickly but no one has stopped by lately, winter blooms for foraging are few and far between and Mini has suddenly taking a liking to omlettes so theres no eggs to spare anyway!

As the weather gets colder and more wet we notice more and more problems popping up around the house. Damp and mold are a constant problem and sadly something that may have us moving on from here sooner than we had planned but we still enjoy the special perks of our unique living situation. Im channeling my creativity by painting my art straight onto the walls of the house and have been weaving a basket from local willow and vines, the girls are loving all the space in our yards to play and my love is in his element each evening dozing on the couch in front of the cosy fireplace.

There is still time for a few more seasons to pass us by before our next adventure  and untill then we will enjoy the simple pleasures that life affords us here. Collecting kindling for the fire, stomping in muddy puddles, stories by the fireplace with the girls, chasing chickens and getting our hands dirty in all the land we are blessed to have right now.



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