Greenfields Farmhouse

So here it is, our little croft, Ive named it Greenfields Farmhouse. We dont know much about it, it was built possibly in the 40s or 50s (the area here wasnt much settled before then) by 2 Italian blokes completely from concrete and was one of the homes on a large chicken farm. Its had its fair share of tenants in the last 50 plus years and we share the big property it sits on with an Adjistment Stables, Fabrication workshop, 3 Caravans, 8 Horse Floats, various junk piles and storage areas, 1 cat, 15 horses, the occasional dog, multiple bandicoots and more rats than I want to know about!

We were offered the house while I was 7 months pregnant with Tiny. We had resigned ourselves to living in our tiny beach flat with the two kids and this offer was right out the blue. The old house was pretty run down when we first looked, but the rent was the same as our tiny 2 bed apartment and the space was just too good to turn down.

Hubby put in some hard work before we moved, ripping out the existing rats nest kitchen and building me a new one from scratch. His multiple trades sure have come in handy here! We painted and cleaned, ripped up carpet and scrubbed floorboards and it came up a treat. Its still a bit crumbly and we havent finished all the flyscreens yet so we share with spiders and flies but we have more space than we know what to do with and the kids are in heaven.

Somehow our dream of having land, growing our own food, giving our kids a community to grow up in and living a simpler life just fell in our laps at the right time, and despite having our fair share of problems in the last year, we feel like a pretty lucky family right now.

I’ll share more in detail in the coming weeks, our projects and upgrades to the house, my vege patch, the chooks and life with out littles in this wonderful new community we’ve found ourselves in.

A Fresh Start

Welcome to The Family Croft, my name is Nikki Croft.

I used to make and sell good things and nice stuff and sometimes blogged. Then I started making small people and since then I havent made much or blogged about anything really. Ive been too busy living a new life as a wife, mother, farmer, cultivator, homemaker and caretaker. Ive missed blogging and I still love to share my photography and the ins and outs of daily life with my family on Instagram, but my former name and blog space no longer suits my life. I still have a Handmade Heart and always will and im sure that one day and perhaps sooner than I realise, I will return to making art and selling my handcratfted whimsys.

Untill that day however I will be sharing our story right here………

You see a few years back I married my Prince Charming and we had a dream together. To have a family and bring up our children in a rural lifestyle or small community. We hadn’t managed that by the time we had our first “Mini” and were still apartment dwellers when we got pregnant with our second (“Tiny”).

However fate smiled on us (somehow she always seems to pull us through when we need it!) and as we were debating to leave our friends and family in Sydney for cheaper living elsewhere, a rundown, beaten up, insect filled, overgrown HUGE old farmhouse landed in our laps. The best bit?……its in a hidden suburb of Sydney 10 minutes from the beach and 30 minutes to the city!

We now have horses over the back fence, chickens in the yard, my vegetable patch is overflowing with goodness plus we’ve discovered a community thats somehow untouched by modern chaos and is overflowing with generosity and kindness!

Lifes not perfect here on our little family Croft but its wonderful all the same, stay a while and share the journey with me here or on Instagram